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Banishing Blade
AT: You're saying you want us to be like Crono and Frog?
DR: no.
DR: i'm saying i want us to be like darius and draven.

Active, Unity ✦ Aspect (Time) + Class (Knight), Skill, Weapon (Sword)
1 Focus, 1 Greed
Speed: 10
Effect: Arin charges Luke's weapon with destructive power, allowing Luke to make an attack that deals triple normal damage. If the enemy is killed, refund all secondary resources and your turn does not end.
Special: Use this Ability no more than once per turn.

Rewrite Reality
CC: You're shitting me. How did you even talk him into making it?
AT: Perseverance?
AT: I mean, you're like my best friend and warriors have fear masks, so you're going to need one in the Session.

Reaction, Unity ✦ Aspect (Time) + Aspect (Light), Magic
1 Focus, 1 Greed
Trigger: Dice are rolled, numbers generated, or cards are drawn as part of a single action.
Effect: Change all results to ones of your choosing.

Rob Blind
MD: Check out teen Bro and teen Dad.
MD: Parnapey, that could be us, but you playin'.

AT: Would you just help me out here?
Active, Unity ✦ Class (Rogue) + Class (Thief), Skill
2 Greed
Speed: 4
Effect: Choose one of the following for a Steal action. Steal all available items from a target (if possible), or guarantee a rare steal (if possible).
Special: The cost of this Ability can be divided between players as they see fit.

AT: I can't do it!

Active, Unity ✦ Aspect (Hope) + Class (Thief), Holy, Magic, Weapon
10+MP, 1 Greed
Speed: 10
Effect: Charge Arin's weapon with holy power, then make an attack that goes off in a line or a column and deals double damage. Against demons, undead, and abominations, guarantee a critical hit.

Infector's Touch
GA: 'I'm Arin Parnapey. I'm a huge loser'.
GA: 'I don't like food anymore'.

AT: I don't say that!
Active, Unity ✦ Aspect (Life) + Aspect (Time), Magic
10+MP, 1 Greed
Speed: 2
Effect: End all 'over time' effects and apply their full damage or healing immediately.

WG: As our Time player,
WG: More than even this will be asked of you, and you have to be ready.

AT: I will be, I promise.
Active, Unity ✦ Aspect (Heart) + Aspect (Time), Magic
10+MP, 1 Greed
Speed: 10
Effect: Inflict Stop (60/3), Slow (60/3), Don't Move (60/3), and Don't Act (60/3) on each enemy.

AT: What is even your problem?
SI: I'm going to go with 'sexual frustration'.
SI: Got it bad for this huge weirdo who's physically and emotionally unavailable.

AT: ...
Passive, Unity ✦ Aspect (Void) + Class (Thief), Magic
-- (10+MP, 1 Greed)
Effect: The first time each combat a player is directly targeted by an attack, the attack fails. Arin and Kaia can recharge this ability at any time by paying the listed cost.
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RD: You're stealing from the dead!?
TA: yeah man
TA: its way easier than stealing from the living

Passive, Unity ✦ Aspect (Life) + Class (Thief), Magic, Healing
Effect: Redirect all single-target overhealing to the most wounded party member.

In Parallel
TA: im not underestimating shit since mal and i run on level one all the damn time
TA: its totally safe
TA: what could happen

Passive, Unity ✦ Aspect (Mind) + Class (Thief), Skill
Effect: Dusk and Malmortis gain bonus effects from the other's equipment, buffs, and natural defenses.

Power Overwhelming
CC: Let's just get this over with.
TA: agreed
TA: im starting to forget how much i hate you

Active, Unity ✦ Aspect (Heart) + Aspect (Hope), Magic, Healing
4 Focus, 4 Greed
Speed: 10
Effect: Fill all other players Drive pools.

Greed is Good
DM: we obviously have very different opinions than the girls on the words 'totally looted' and their meanings.
TA: yeah like
TA: they said the imps took everything that wasnt nailed down
TA: while we did not afford them that courtesy

Active, Unity ✦ Class (Rogue) + Class (Thief), Skill
2 Greed
Speed: 4
Effect: Choose one of the following for a Steal action. All grist becomes prismatic (if possible), or steal double the items (if possible).
Special: The cost of this Ability can be divided between players as they see fit.

Carpe Diem
TA: playtime is over kiddies
TA: id love to chat
TA: but at this very moment theres some serious shit going down and the godslayer and i have got to handle it like were zookepers on monkey house duty

Passive, Unity ✦ Aspect (Time) + Class (Thief), Magic
Effect: All players roll d12 for intiative instead of d10.

Exploit Weakness
AG: Kicking a guy while he's down?
TA: newsflash
TA: its way way easier than kicking a guy while he's up

Active, Unity ✦ Aspect (Void), Class (Thief), Skill, Magic
10+MP, 1 Greed
Speed: 10
Effect: Make two attacks with each weapon you have equipped. If Dusk is attacking, each attack changes its Damage-Keyword to the type the enemy is most weak to. If Ally is attacking, each attack is Swift and removes up to two enemy buffs, transferring them to her.

Aura Rain
TA: thats how it works
TA: i set them up
TA: you show them why storms are named after people

WG: ahahahahahahahahahah
Active, Unity ✦ All, Breaching, Aspect (Breath), Aspect (Hope), Light, Magic
10+MP, 1 Greed
Speed: 10
Effect: Open the sky and make it rain power and light. Combine the damage from Dusk and Lise's weapons into a single die pool and attack each enemy. At the begining of the next combat round, each enemy takes half the damage they took from the initial attack.

Teleport Strike
TA: i dont want you to apologize ever
TA: i want you to tell me its going to be like it was
TA: and we can be together all the time and fucking wreck everyones shit again

IS: Well put out your fucking knuckles, Parnapey.
IS: Because we are going to town.

Active, Unity ✦ Aspect (Space), Class (Thief), Magic, Ranged, Skill, Weapon (Sword, Pistol)
10+MP, 1 Greed
Speed: 10
Effect: Make four attacks each (eight total) on targets of your choice.
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Additional information on the Familiar background.

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Dragon-Blooded Charms -- General

Special Rules -- The Terrestrial Exalted

Elemental Harmony: Dragon-Blooded General Charms are automatically learned when their prerequisites are met and do not consume the character's starting Charm slots.
Fifth Element: Dragon-Blooded do not pay a surcharge for out-of-Aspect Charms.

Editing History

23/04/12 - Removed a rule that allowed essence discounts. Typically, the removal of the surcharge should be enough. Removed Ox-Body Technique. It was added to Resistance as [Element]-Body Bulwark. Changed [Terrestrial] Essence Overwhelming to [Dragon's] Essence Overwhelming, this was done to differentiate it from the Solar version.

Dragon-Blooded Charms -- General )
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2012-04-21 09:13 pm

Experience Point Costs

Editing History

24/04/12 - Notes about Essence for starting characters.

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2012-04-20 10:54 pm
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Editing History

20/04/12 - Removed Combo-OK, Discounted, and Immersion. Added Harmonious, Intrinsic, and Vocal.

07/05/2012 - Changed Purity Keyword.

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Design Goals

Design Goals

I thought I'd make a short post about my design goals for my DB rewrite.

Eliminating XP Sinks

Even post-Errata, many Dragon-Blooded Charms are just bad or are prerequisites for very slight upgrades. In the original rules, Soundless Action Prana, was the prerequisite for Zone of Silence Stance, a Charm that had no new or interesting effects, other then extending the area of the first Charm by a few yards. This isn't the only example of such, but at 10XP (or 12XP!) a Charm, and at a suggested 4XP a session, it's best to eliminate XP sinks altogether.

Eliminating XP Sinks goes hand in hand with,

Interesting Charms

Every Charm should be interesting. Players should be able to see immediately the purpose for a Charm and think, 'Cool, my character would use that'. The early Charms in a tree should not just be a speedbump that keeps a player away from the Charms they want.

Good Charms

Charms should not be terrible. That is all.


The language used to describe Dragon-Blooded in the original text and Errata is awful. Dragon-Blooded tend to be described in one of two ways, as dying in droves or as relates to their relationship with the Celestial Exalted. Dragon-Blooded are Exalted, and should be described as champions and heroes in their own right. Likewise, their Charms shouldn't mention the Celestial Exalted at all. Sadly, talking about the Celestial Exalted when writing about the Dragon-Blooded is so prolific that I've caught myself doing it many times.


Dragon-Blooded should have a heavy focus on Elemental Charms. Supposedly the Dragon-Blooded are actually more like five different types of Exalt. This should mean so much more than just making different colors of arrows. The different Aspects should approach everything differently, from language to combat.

Dragon-Blooded need more Cooperative Charms. Teamwork should be a major theme and an important aspects of their powers. Working together should allow them to rival the Celestial Exalted in power.

Martyr effects should be rare. Your character is not supposed to randomly die.
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Water Charms -- Investigation


Optometry exists in the Second Age of man. Glasses are a Resources ● expense or a Resources ●● expense outside of the Realm.

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Fire Charms -- Melee

Jade Magical Material Bonuses

Blue Jade represents the element of Air, it adds -1 Speed, +1 Accuracy, and +1 Damage.
White Jade represents the element of Earth. It adds +1 Damage and +2 Defense.
Red Jade represents the element of Fire. It adds +1 Accuracy and +2 Damage.
Black Jade represents the element of Water. It adds +2 Accuracy and +1 Defense.
Green Jade represents the element of Wood. It adds +1 Accuracy, +1 Damage, and it steals one mote of Essence from any living creature struck and transfers it to the wielder.

Fire Charms -- Melee )