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Attempting stealth is a Swift action.

The roll to locate a character using Stealth to conceal herself is [Perception] + [Awareness].

A character who notices another character in stealth can indicate it to her allies. This does not automatically reveal the hiding character, but does grant a two success bonus on a searcher's [Perception] + [Awareness] roll.

Without the use of magic, characters cannot attempt Stealth when others are aware of their presence.

Editing History

16/04/12 - Removed Zone of Silence Stance to eliminate experience sinks - effect has been folded in to Soundless Action Prana. Changed Calming Breeze Meditation. Slight buff to Trackless Passage Style. Noted penalty type on Dragon Shroud Technique. General edits for clarity, balance, and format.

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Concept: Weapon Sets

A 'set' of thrown weapons is typically 8 - 10 throwing knives or darts. Javelins and short spears come in packs of six. A chakram is normally a single weapon, although they sometimes come in matched pairs. Artifact throwing weapons are larger and heavier then their mundane counterparts, and are commonly produced in sets of five (one for each Dragon or station of the Sun).

For the purposes of Thrown Charms that affect 'sets' of throwing weapons, the Storyteller should consider increasing the cost of certain Charms if a character is trying to use them to enchant vast numbers of weapons at a time (or simply disallow such abuses).

Editing History

16/04/12 - Added Bladed Scales of Mela. Nerfed Loyal Weapon and Knife-Cyclone Technique to bring them more in line with general lethality levels. Balance and wording changes to Deadly Blades of the Five Dragons. General edits for clarity, balance, and format.

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Editing History

17/04/12 - Added Dragons Ever Watchful. Balance edits to try and make Fire Awareness Charms not suck quite so badly. General edits for clarity and format.

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Earth Aspect -- Craft

The Craft Ability is divided into separate Abilities, each governing a different Craft. The ten most common Craft Abilities (and examples of items they allow the character to create) are listed below.

Mortal Crafts

Air: calligraphy, jewelry-making, instruments, glassblowing
Earth*: masonry, stone cutting, sculpting
Fire**: blacksmithing, ceramics
Water: cooking, brewing, leather-working, pharmacy, poison-making
Wood***: carpentry, weaving, paper-making, flower-arranging

* The most common Craft Ability used in Manse building.
** The Ability used in the forging of Artifact weapons
*** The second Craft Ability typically used in the building of manses.

Exalted and Divine Crafts

Magitech: Used to created the mechanical devices of Autochton, warstriders, thinking machines, essence engines, and other similar wonders.
Glamour: Used by the Fair Folk to shape the Wyld, emotions, dreams, and Virtues into tangible things.
Genesis: Used in the creation of life.
Fate: Used by the Sidereals to plan and manage destinies.
Necrotech: Used to forge soulsteel, golems, undead monsters, and living war machines. Necrotech allows the use of flesh and ghostly corpus as materials.

The Craft Ability and Player Characters

At character creation, a player character is assumed to possess all elemental crafts at the same rating as his Craft Ability. Access to exotic Crafts is purchased for 3XP each, and the exotic Craft is thereafter used with the character's normal Craft Ability.

Craft rolls are made using [Intelligence] + [Craft].

Editing History

17/04/12 - Buffed Craft Ability to eliminate XP sinks for players. Removed the need for exotic materials in Artifact creation. Added [Dragon] Shapes the World. Removed Wondrous Genius of Pasiap, as it was no longer necessary with the removal of most Craft XP sinks. Removed Charm of Lessser/Greater Unmaking because they were terrible.

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Editing History

17/04/12 - Removed Transcendent Mien of [Element], as Essence is currently capped at 5, it may be restored post-playtests. Added [Dragon's] Epic Heroism. Edits for languages, clarity, format.

07/05/12 - Buff to Oath of Ten Thousand Dragons because I realized it sucked. Change to [Dragon's] Epic Heroism because something changed within the system. Removed some prerequisites to make the Charm trees make more sense and make buy-in for mental defenses less difficult.

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