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Additional information on the Familiar background.


By decree of the gods, animals easily form natural bonds of partnership with the Exalted. Such animals are known as Familiars.

A Familiar can be any natural, non-Wyld tainted animal. The complications involved in keeping a tiger or bear in one's house more then make up for any advantage they provide in combat, while the size and abilities of a bird or mouse have their own uses.

A character can have only one Familiar.

All Familiars receive the following abilities, for free.

Motivation: Familiars possess a Motivation of 'Serve my Master', or a similar one deemed appropriate by the Storyteller. The also possess an unbreakable Intimacy of love (or another appropriate positive emotion) towards the Character. Attempts to get the Familiar to betray or knowingly harm the character are unacceptable orders.
Intelligence: Familiars are remarkably intelligent for an animal. They can perform virtually any non-supernatural trick and can understand any simple, one sentence instruction. The Storyteller has the final say regarding this. As a general guideline, 'Find help!' is appropriate, 'Go and find a doctor and bring him here!' is not.
Bonded: If the character is in the same world as her Familiar, it can sense her general location, and will attempt to reach her if they become unwillingly separated.
Harmonious Essence: Beneficial effects that target the character can include her Familiar at no extra cost. The Familiar does not count against the target cap for such effects. The Familiar is immune to any dangerous effects that are the result of the character's anima banner. For the purposes of effects that require touch, the Familiar and its master are considered to be touching if they're within [Familiar Rating x 10] yards of each other.
Willpower: Familiars have Willpower 5.

Based on the character's rating in the Familiar Background, a Familiar receives additional abilities chosen from the following list. Not every ability is appropriate to every animal, and the Storyteller has the final say on which abilities are available.

Higher Intelligence: The Familiar's Intelligence, Linguistics, and Lore rise by 2, granting it human-level understanding and reasoning abilities.
Hands for Hands: The Familiar is capable of manipulating objects as though it had hands.
Speech: The Familiar can speak as though it were human. It speaks the character's native language, and additional languages if it possesses a Linguistics rating.
Tracker: The Familiar's Perception rises by 1 and its Survival rating rises by 2. It can participate in supernatural tracking contests.
Thought-Linked: The character and her Familiar can communicate telepathically. To use this ability they must be within [Essence] miles of each other. By spending a Willpower, the character can see through the eyes and hear through the ears of her Familiar for a scene. Use of this sense-riding power requires the character to remain still and concentrate, rendering her defenseless.
Best Friends: When the Familiar and character see each other for the first time each day, they both regain a point of Willpower and a Virtue channel.
Heart of the Phoenix: Should the Familiar die, it rises again on the first day of the next month. If the character is a Terrestrial, the Familiar arrives in a dramatic manner appropriate to the character's Aspect (flying out of a thunderstorm, running to shore from within a wave, literally rising from the ashes of a bonfire, etc.).
Trickster: The Familiar's Larceny rating rises by 4 and it's Stealth rating rises by 2.
Toughness: The Familiar is unusually tough. It's Resistance rises by 2, and it gains additional -2 Health levels equal to the character's [Essence + Familiar Rating].
Great Hearted: The Familiar gains a trait called 'Bond' that represents its love and devotion to its master. The Bond trait is equal to the character's rating in Familiar. Bond is channeled like a Virtue, and can enhance any roll in which the Familiar is directly aiding or protecting the character.
Heaven-Sent: The Familiar is a holy or sacred beast. Its attacks deal additional Lethal damage equal to its master's [Familiar Rating] to all creatures of darkness. Additionally it glows with inner light that hampers the efforts of evil beings, inflicting a -2 external penalty on on all rolls if they're within [Familiar Rating x 10] yards of it.
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