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Okay, so this is a rewrite of MoEP: DB I've been working on for a while.

In some places things have been cribbed directly from the books and errata (even the errata is pretty dire at times), much of what is written here is major rewrites.

Do I have design goals? Why, yes. I do.

1. Good Charms. Every Charm should feel interesting and be worth buying. You should look at a Charm and be all like, 'Man, my character would totally use that Charm'. No buying up bad Charms to get to the powers you want.

2. Elemental Effects. If Dragon-Blooded are really supposed to be five different Exalt types, there need to be more elemental effects. It's not good enough that you can shoot a fire arrow. A Fire Aspect and a Water Aspect should approach everything differently, from Socialize to Medicine.

3. No die-adder Charms (look at the original Stealth Charms for an example of what I mean). Die adders and success buying is for Excellencies. A Charm that adds dice should do something other then add dice.

4. Power increase. This rewrite makes no true attempts to be balanced with earlier material. Dragon-Blooded as presented here are more powerful then ones in MoEP: Dragon-Blooded. They are also the only player characters, and the game is centered around them.
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