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Concept: Weapon Sets

A 'set' of thrown weapons is typically 8 - 10 throwing knives or darts. Javelins and short spears come in packs of six. A chakram is normally a single weapon, although they sometimes come in matched pairs. Artifact throwing weapons are larger and heavier then their mundane counterparts, and are commonly produced in sets of five (one for each Dragon or station of the Sun).

For the purposes of Thrown Charms that affect 'sets' of throwing weapons, the Storyteller should consider increasing the cost of certain Charms if a character is trying to use them to enchant vast numbers of weapons at a time (or simply disallow such abuses).

Editing History

16/04/12 - Added Bladed Scales of Mela. Nerfed Loyal Weapon and Knife-Cyclone Technique to bring them more in line with general lethality levels. Balance and wording changes to Deadly Blades of the Five Dragons. General edits for clarity, balance, and format.

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Attempting stealth is a Swift action.

The roll to locate a character using Stealth to conceal herself is [Perception] + [Awareness].

A character who notices another character in stealth can indicate it to her allies. This does not automatically reveal the hiding character, but does grant a two success bonus on a searcher's [Perception] + [Awareness] roll.

Without the use of magic, characters cannot attempt Stealth when others are aware of their presence.

Editing History

16/04/12 - Removed Zone of Silence Stance to eliminate experience sinks - effect has been folded in to Soundless Action Prana. Changed Calming Breeze Meditation. Slight buff to Trackless Passage Style. Noted penalty type on Dragon Shroud Technique. General edits for clarity, balance, and format.

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Dragon-Blooded sorcerers take their education very seriously. A character who begins play with the Charm Terrestrial Circle Sorcery as an Intrinsic Charm may choose to start with Emerald Countermagic and Emerald Circle Banishment spells. These spells do not consume the character's starting Charm slots.

Editing History

10/04/12 - Removed Elements in Harmony Approach as it was no longer valid with the new rules. Removed Emerald Circle Transcendence and Emerald Circle Internalization as poor fits. Added Element Shaping Visions. General edits for language, format, and clarity.

16/04/12 - Added a new Charm, Brilliant Tempest Enlightenment.

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A character with Lore ●●+ can read and write any language she speaks.

Editing History

10/04/12 - Added Eternal Mind Meditation. Yes, it's back. Hopefully with less terrible. Added Elemental Lexicon Procedures. Changed Elemental Bolt Attack and Elemental Burst Technique. General edits for format and clarity.

22/04/12 - Elemental Bolt Attack may now use Lore for targeting, because Lore Charms should use the Lore Ability. Lore.

07/05/12 - Added Purity Keyword to Elemental Empowerment Meditation. Changed the Fire effect of Elemental Lexicon Procedures to be more balanced with similar Charms.

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Dragon-Blooded can speak two languages for each dot of Linguistics they possess.

Characters with no dots in Linguistics still begin play with the ability to speak a single language.

Editing History

09/04/12 - Changed the effects of Linguistics Ability to generally improve it. Added Dragon Claw Stylus, Dialect Understanding Defense. Removed Craft Icon (it was terrible). General edits for clarity.

10/04/12 - Changed Voice of Mastery. Changed defensive bonus on With One Mind so it made more sense. Some additional edits for language and clarity.

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